A.I. Assistance For Pro Traders.

Our unique models combine cutting edge computer science with over 30 years of institutional trading experience.

We take conventional market indicators and extract not-so-conventional results from them.

Market Indices.

Sector ETFs.

Individual Stocks.

We’ve Got You Covered.

Maximizing Data. Hunting Alpha.

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Hacking Alternative Data to deliver Alpha.

Our unique models combine the most cutting edge A.I. based time series and textual analysis techniques and turn them into easy to interpret analysis so you can make the most optimal decisions.


Find and take advantage of trade opportunities in advance.

Foresight is our motto. Hindsight is our enemy. No excuses, just results.


Index Models

Find your Alpha from the top down.


Sector Models

Hone in on the most optimal market sectors.


Stock Models

Maximize gains with the highest performing companies.

About OPTiON-i

We are an A.I. focused company that combines both alternative and conventional data sets with state-of-the-art modeling techniques to make accurate predictions on financial markets.

Model Inputs
Alternative Data
SKLearn - Keras - Cuda - Dataiku
Accurate Market Predictions

What we offer

You tell us what data is most valuable to your process. We take that data and maximize its value with our predictive frameworks.