TLT Pulsar Signal

  • Time Frame: Short Term
  • Update Schedule: Every Morning at 7am. 
  • Source: OPTiON-i Cybernetics


The TLT Pulsar is a unique innovation that allows subscribers to see, in one quick glance, an ensembled view of some of the most statistically significant indicators for TLT future returns. When the TLT Puslar is at or near its 2nd percentile ranking (red line) traders should be positioning for weaker future returns and when the Pulsar is nearing its 98th percentile  ranking (green line) traders should be positioning for stronger future returns in TLT.

The inputs to Pulsar:

  • Rydex Bond Bull Ratio
  • Stock/Bond Ratio
  • MOVE Index (Bond Market VIX)
  • 30-Year Bond Put/Call Ratio
  • Bond Sentiment
    • Put/Call ratios
    • Rydex mutual fund flows,
    • Sentiment surveys and Commitments of Traders reports.
  •  TLT Optix
    • Trading activity in put options versus call options
    • Future volatility expectations
    • Average discount of the fund to its NAV
    • Price behavior
  • TLT Fund Flow